You Are NOT The Father: Maury Povich Ends His Talk Show After 30+ Years

Maury Povich, who’s probably best known for dramatically revealing paternity test results that often result in hysterical reactions from his guests, is ending his daily talk show after 31 years.

What Happened: Povich is concluding his show “Maury” after more than three decades, making him the longest-running daytime talk show host in TV history.

“Six years ago when I was ready to retire, my NBCUniversal family asked me to continue the show,” he said in a statement. “I’m so proud of my relationship with NBCUniversal and all those who worked on the ‘Maury’ show but as I occasionally tell my guests on ‘Maury,’ ‘Enough, already!'”

In 1986, Povich anchored the entertainment news program, “A Current Affair,” and began “The Maury Povich Show” in 1991 for Paramount Domestic Television, now part of Paramount Global PARAPARAA.

The show moved to Comcast Corporation’s CMCSA NBCUniversal in 1998, shortening the program’s name. The show is in its 24th season with NBCUniversal.

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Maury’s Legacy: “Maury is a television icon, a pop-culture legend and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his incredible career,” Tracie Wilson, executive vice president for NBCUniversal Syndication Studios, said in a statement.

“Maury and I decided two years ago that this season would be the farewell season for the show, and while his retirement is bittersweet, we are so happy for him to be able to spend more time on the golf course,” Wilson added.

The final original episodes of “Maury” will be broadcast in September.

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