Turkish President Jumpstarts Government’s Metaverse Research – Bitcoin – United States Dollar ($BTC)

Turkey’s Justice and Development party — the AK Party — recently had a virtual meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on expanding the metaverse research.

What Happened: According to a recent report by Daily Sabah, Erdoğan requested extensive research on cryptocurrencies and the metaverse for a better understanding of how transactions are made within the decentralized ecosystem.

The AK Party tweeted on Jan. 17 that it was their first meeting in the metaverse, and the Turkish president wants them to arrange a forum about the metaverse.

According to a report in December 2021, the metaverse gained real popularity in Turkey, and more than 20,000 pieces of land were sold in the country, mostly in virtual Istanbul, while the president “declared war” against cryptocurrencies in a public Q&A session.

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The first metaverse meeting was arranged and hosted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The ruling party’s chairman — Mustafa Elitaş — noted, “I believe that metaverse-based meetings would be improved expeditiously and become an essential part of our lives.”

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