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A few things for you to research, or to help guide you:
1) look at the quality of the register…..ex head of Och Ziff Asia, current Mellon Capital board member, Regal and Platinum + 8 other instos and family offices coming onto the register from the most recent capital raise. All Directors participated in the CR…..
2) look at management…..from the CEO down it is a quality group of people….
3) read the arrangement with IBM and what they are doing with US Military veterans
4) Mental health is a theme of our times….possibly second to climate change
5) largest standardised neurocognitive database in the world, Dr Evian Gordon the founder was the head of the Sydney Brain Institute….and he’s a cardiologist too…
6) expect to see further announcements around their penetration into the B2C sector, working with companies directly on supply of tools to better the mental health of employees

In short, they know where the bodies are buried, they have a CEO who is finally commercialising the product and reducing the time to revenue, and the execution of that capital raise was stunning. It’s not having a shortage of targets, it’s now about having the ability to execute the strategy.

I haven’t mentioned the Vault Intelligence deal, the locked in revenues with Boeing and others…this will get to $1bn within the next 2-3 years if they execute the strategy. The CR will get them to supportable revenues within 12 months.

Here is Louis talking about TTB….

Good luck….and good mental health. I’m in it for the product as I have done the assessments and they are really thoughtful and confronting. If this company can deliver products for people with mental health deficiencies (82% of the population at any one time) then to me its an easy decision to invest.…XaILcAHTT9AhsQ_AUoBHoECAsQBg&biw=1440&bih=714

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