Trend Following Systems – George Pruitt – Other – 28 July 2021

2019, 328 pages, by George Pruitt

First of all, this is NOT a book. It is a manual disguised as a book. A “how-to” manual about a backtesting system made in Phyton that runs on platforms compatible with EasyLanguage.

I really liked his previous and REAL book called “Building Winning Trading Systems with TradeStation”, but this one is lame. It would be better to sell the “system” for 50 bucks and give away for free the so-called “book” to his users.

And even the “system” is from his past books, strategies based on Dochian channels, Bollinger Bands, PSAR, ADX and other old stuff presented on hundreds of books out there.

And why on earth put the user over Phyton? There are several cool and easy backtesting platforms in the market with visual programming of strategies. Why this approach?


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