Trading Watch List 08.11.2021 | Bulls on Wall Street


Great earnings gap and push today. This name has a history of going on a monster run after earnings. Keep this on watch for more upside this week.

Another name that can squeeze that just had a positive reaction to earnings report. Over $20 this can really get going.

200 SMA a big level. If it can break and hold over, expect a strong move to the upside. Set alerts on this around $54.

Momo name with several days of pull back. If it can gap down tomorrow, I’d play it for a bounce to the longside.

Another momo name that has been a great trader. Signs of holding the 9 EMA today, on watch tomorrow for a quick long trade.

Earnings gap got sold into hard today, amazing short opporunity. Wouldn’t be surprised if they kept unloading shares tomorrow, especially if we gap up. On watch for a short.

Topping signs today, on watch for a short tomorrow. On watch for a gap up and a green to red move.

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