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In case you’re not aware – there’s a specific legal issue surrounding “advice” which precludes anyone not licensed from giving it. That’s a government rule, the law, and not something specific to this forum. :xyxthumbs

We can certainly offer opinions and suggestions however and some which come to mind:

Remember the 12 month CGT rule when selling. This may or may not influence your timing decisions.

Choosing to sell before or after 30 June will influence which financial year you pay CGT in and, depending on your overall financial circumstances, that may mean you’re at a different marginal rate. If you’re going to sell anyway then moving that forward or delaying it (as appropriate) may be advantageous.

If you have any stocks in the red then selling those will reduce your net capital gain and thus tax payable.

I’m no expert on the subject but contributing money to superannuation may also offer some benefits in this regard.

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