Samsung’s Announcement This Morning

Samsung`s announcement this morning

Samsung’s Announcement This Morning

Samsung released a set of announcements at an Unpacked event early this morning.

After years of concentrating on operating systems with Tizen, Samsung is back with a set of smartwatches.

This time around, Samsung decided to focus on health metrics and the Watch’s ability to regularly monitor blood oxygen, blood pressure, and body composition.

The watch comes in two forms this year: Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4. The Watch 4 comes with a lighter and thinner shape with a touch-sensitive screen to control the interface, while the Watch 4 Classic is a bit bigger with a screen that can spin. The Watch 4 comes in 40mm or 44mm, and its price starts at $250. However, the Watch 4 Classic comes in 42mm or 46mm and pushes the price to $350.

This morning, besides the watches, Samsung had an announcement of its Galaxy Z Fold 3. New smartphones managed to lower the price tag from $2,000 to $1,800 while increasing the overall quality. It comes with a more robust aluminium frame, a more assertive folding display.

The Fold 3 will come with an under-display camera. There are three more lenses placed in the back of the device, coming in at 12 megapixels each.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Flip 3 will have the same stability improvements as the Fold 3 mentioned before, including IPX8 water resistance, improved aluminium body, and a more durable display. It comes with a 10MP selfie camera, with two 12MP ultra-wide and wide Angle cameras on the outside. More than $300 less than the previous one, it costs $1000. It is the first time Samsung has managed to decrease its foldable line to a $1K price range.


This time, it comes with a more extensive cover screen at 1.9.

Galaxy Buds 2

Today, Samsung had another announcement of the new generation of its wireless earbuds. They cost $149, they seem smaller and lighter with active noise cancellation.

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