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the share price is in virgin territory so who knows what is going to happen. they have literally struck gold and the market is trying to decide what its worth. from the $1 open to the $1.66 spike to the 1.25 – 1.50 2 day range its going to chaotic for you daaussie. while the moving averages have been blown out of the water the volume and relative strength look good. it might be worth setting up a protective stop somewhere high or a drop down to the $1 breakout will nail you to the wall, but for better or worse you are in for a ride i think. i wouldn’t touch this stock with a barge pole at the moment :)

as a side note there has been a flow on to AAR which is right next door to the RMS site. they have turned around for another look at the deposit they have just finished assaying and is connected to the RMS one. AAR was issued a speeding ticket the other day and they blamed the RMS news – they are down a bit the last 2 days but looks like its getting ready to test 8.01c resistance. a break through would be sweet given the fact its blue sky, reasonable chart and solid fundamentals.

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