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PDI is one to be looked at for the pedigree of its directors alone.

Shares on Issue 125 Million
Cash Position $ 2 million
Enterprise Value $10 million
Debt Nil
Top 20 Shareholders (%) 46%


Bonsiega Project
 Dave Prospect, Laterite Hill Grid :
• 10m at 18g/t Au from 74m including 2m at 74g/t Au (highest grade to date on Bonsiega Project)
• 10m at 2.5g/t Au from 88m
•Æ’28m at 1.6g/t Au from 30m
•Æ’24m at 1.1g/t Au from 0m
•Æ’12m at 1.5g/t Au from 56m
• 26m at 5.0g/t Au from 26m including 2m at 31g/t Au
• 38m at 1.3g/t Au from surface including 4m at 5.6g/t Au
• 24m at 1.9g/t Au from 4m
• 8m at 3.3 g/t Au from 46m
• 22m at 1.0g/t Au from 44m
• 12m at 1.7g/t Au from 16m
• 8m at 2.0g/t Au from 72m

 Laterite Hill Prospect, Laterite Hill Grid:
• 26m at 1.2g/t Au from 71m including 14m at 1.8g/t Au
• 22m at 1.4g/t Au from 48m
• 52m at 2.1g/t Au from 36m including 20m at 4.8g/t Au and 2m at 24g/t Au
 Tamboana Prospect :
• 5m at 5.1g/t Au from 36m including 1m at 22g/t Au
 Koundi Zone (new discovery):
• 4m at 5.7g/t Au from 76m (stopped in mineralisation)
 Prospect 71 (new discovery):
• 32m at 1.7g/t Au from 26m including 24m at 2.1g/t Au
 Prospect 71 west (new discovery):
• 18m at 1.0g/t Au from 54m including 6m at 2.3g/t Au (stopped in low grade mineralisation)
• 4m at 7.1g/t Au from 20m

Bangaba Project (PDI earning 95%) – Solna
The Solna Prospect covers a 600 metre long zone of active artisanal workings where gold is being extracted from quartz veins that occur within sheared sections of a host granodiorite adjacent to a contact with metasedimentary rocks
Better gold intercepts included:
• 5.6m at 16g/t Au from 205.4m including 1m at 81g/t Au
• 2m at 11.5g/t Au including 1m at 17g/t Au
• 3m at 5.1g/t Au including 1m at 12g/t Au
• 2m at 7.3g/t Au including 1m at 13.7g/t Au

Bangaba Project (PDI earning 95%) – Tambiri
The Company’s diamond drilling program was planned to test an area where previous diamond drilling by High River Gold had obtained four high grade intercepts – 16m at 10.6g/t Au, 2m at 56g/t Au, 5m at 16.4g/t Au and 2m at 9.9g/t Au. The drilling was also designed to obtain oriented drill core through the mineralisation.
Better intercepts included:
• 8.7m at 7.3g/t Au from 58m including 1m at 51g/t Au
• 9.3m at 4.9g/t Au from 62.7m including 2.3m at 17g/t Au
• 28.4m at 1.7g/t Au from 39.0m including 1m at 17.3g/t Au and 1m at 15.9g/t Au
• 13.3m at 3.6g/t Au from61m including 1.2 m at 22g/t Au

Cape Clear Joint Venture
PDI entered into a modest joint venture agreement during the Quarter on an Exploration Licence (EL4691 – Cape Clear) near its Skipton EL. The agreement was signed with Leviathan Resources Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of AuRico Gold Inc. Under the terms of this agreement, PDI may obtain a 100% interest in the EL by expenditure of $500,000. The vendor will receive a 1.5% royalty if a decision to mine is made. The minimum expenditure before withdrawal is $70,000.
The target is a large Stawell type gold mineralised system, as at Skipton. The area is of interest because it contains:
• Widespread alluvial and primary gold workings
• Evidence of Cambrian basalt domes (similar to those at Stawell), concealed below cover
• It is at the intersection between two very major structures
• Very little modern exploration has been carried out in the areas which PDI is targeting.

Cote D’Ivoire
Predictive Discovery Limited announces that it has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a
gold exploration permit in Cote D’Ivoire, known as Komboro (subject to grant). Under the terms of the
agreement, PDI may earn up to a 90% interest in the permit.
While Predictive Discovery is taking this initial step into Cote D’Ivoire, its primary focus remains on the
Bonsiega and Bangaba Projects in eastern Burkina Faso, where ongoing drilling programs continue to
make promising new gold discoveries.

The project is located in the north of Cote D’Ivoire with an area of 169 km². It covers part of a greenstone belt containing active artisanal workings and extensive gold geochemical anomalies. The project holder has reported a series of high grade values ranging up to 52g/t Au from reconnaissance soil and bedrock sampling, however, as far as PDI is aware, the area has not been drill tested.

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