Options trading in OZ – ‘Reopening’ discussions

My journey in to trading options continues. Little steps.
I have now opened an account with IB and started funding the account.
Having done more reading and research, it seems, not surprising, that liquidity and volatility are important factors in choosing which options to trade. Looking at the ASX website on open interest and liquidity for the last 4 months I see that the following are the most liquid options: XJO, TLS, BHP, FMG, WBC, ANZ, NCM, ORG, RIO, NAB, WES, STO.
Obviously the last 4 months has been reporting season but (again probably obviously) these are generally the larger companies on the ASX.
On volatility, I am unable to find any historical ‘implied’ volatility for ASX shares anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get this I would appreciate it. I don’t fancy the idea of downloading historical closing prices for these shares and using excel to calculate probabilities of dailyy/weekly/monthly volatility statistics, but might be fun for a nerd like me.
Anyway with the list of most liquid options, and the ‘Commodity super cycle’ apparantly, and the market moving to, possibly, ‘value over growth’, I think I might focus on the likes of BHP, RIO, WES, as I hold none of these directly (apart from indirectly in ETF’s) or possibly STO, FMG as I hold these.

Just an update on my journey …. for people to laugh at, or make critical comments.
But alos, sorry to bore the options trading experts that are here.

Hope you all having a good day.


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