Omicron spread from Tianjin nearly two weeks ago

Chinese port city of Tianjin — located next to Beijing — is undergoing mass compulsory covid screening of 14 million people this week.

A report today from the SCMP hints that they’re about to find many more cases than the 20 detected in a classroom cluster on the weekend. An omicron case in a university student was discovered 500 km away from Tianjin on Saturday in Anyang. That student had traveled from there on December 28.

Officials said genomic sequencing showed his case is related to the ones found in Tianjin.

If cases were circulating nearly two weeks ago in Tianjin and this case wasn’t detected until now, how much more silent spread is ongoing?

If officials treat other outbreaks like they have in Xian — which is in its third week of total lockdown — what will it do to global growth and supply chains? Tianjin alone is the fourth-busiest port in the world.

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