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Hi Everyone,

I have recently started researching mining exploration and development with a view to increasing my exposure to this sector of the stock market.

One thing that has become apparent to me is how many Directors can with minimal financial risk and exposure generate the potential for significant returns.

Is it not feasible for a person to do the following:

1. Seek private investment to purchase/establish a mining exploration lease/previously mined site.

2. Spend the private investment cash to hopefully generate some good drill results.

3. List on the ASX and seek capital to either develop that site further or purchase new exploration targets that may be further developed.

Now if you hit it big well you has the director/founder are rolling in shares and make a healthy return. If worst comes to worst and the company is liquidated you can just start the process again.

Anyway I just thought I would post this for discussion as it is thought provoking and highlights one of the downsides associated with explorers IMO. The directors have minimal risk yet the potential for huge return everyone else shoulders the financial burden.

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