Megawatt Lithium $MEGA $MEGA.c $WALRF continues to increase its’ lithium extraction points and is a good play in an industry fuelled by the growth of EVs : pennystocks

Megawatt Lithium has has staked, by way of agent, 229 additional mineral exploration claims (“the new claims”) in the James Bay area of Quebec.

The new claims cover an area of 12,116 hectares or 121 square kms and are complementary to the Company’s existing Route 381 Lithium project in the James Bay area. This allows for exploration efforts to proceed at two distinct projects in this prospective region.

Why Lithium?

  • Lithium is an essential component to making electric vehicles

  • Governments worldwide want more EV’s on the road, for example “The U.S. for example wants about 50% of all car sales to be electric by 2030.”

  • 65% of Lithium produced is used in the making of EV batteries, an industry that is booming and will continue to boom as governments demand more EV vehicles on the road

  • “With substantial demand, and significant supply shortages, lithium prices just ran about 400% year over year. However, with shortages persisting, lithium prices could head higher”

Why Mega Watt Lithium? $MEGA $MEGA.c $WALRF

  • Stock hit highs of $1+++ at end of 2020 and after a recent sell off it could be poised to make gains in 2022, capitalizing on the soaring EV market

  • $MEGA is “committed to discovering and developing battery metal deposits in stable, safe and mining-friendly jurisdictions.” (Investor report from Mega Watt Lithium website)

  • Location Location Location. Canada and Australia are world leaders in mining standards, relations with indigenous communities and bountiful mining sites

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