Martha Stewart And Canopy Growth Launch New Line Of CBD Wellness Topicals – Canopy Growth Corp (CGC)

Cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corp (NASDAQ:CGC) and the “Domestic Diva” Martha Stewart unveiled Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals on Wednesday, marking the brand’s first-ever category expansion in its growing CBD portfolio.

“I believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions, which is why I created this line of CBD Wellness Topicals with the Canopy Growth team,” Martha Stewart stated. “I am thrilled to help improve our customers’ daily lives through proven formulations that make wellness accessible and convenient, with offerings that address muscle discomfort, sleep deprivation, and stress.”

Martha Stewart’s CBD portfolio already offers a variety of CBD-infused products such as gummies, softgels and oils – all designed with the goal of meeting consumers’ everyday needs.

Highlights Of New Topicals Line

  • Super Strength CBD Cream – for muscle recovery, with magnesium and ginger;
  • Sleep Science CBD Cream – for better sleep, with lavender and vetiver;
  • Daily De-Stress CBD Cream – for stress management, with neroli and ho wood.

These formulas were created by Martha Stewart in partnership with Marquee Brands and Canopy, leveraging Canopy Growth’s consumer insights and continued innovation, the new line uses cutting edge aroma-technology proven to activate key areas of the brain to help induce mood change in the areas of relaxation, reduced anxiety, emotion and memory.

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Topicals are formulated with US-derived broad-spectrum and market-leading CBD levels at the lowest price per mg as compared to competitors. At launch, each SKU will be available for purchase in 20mL, 50mL and 150mL sizes.

“Martha Stewart CBD offers consumers simple solutions to improve everyday wellness, and we’re thrilled to expand into a new category with the launch of these CBD Wellness Topicals,” said Dr. Anna Persaud, VP of Skincare & Topicals at Canopy Growth. “Proven to work and tested with consumers, these high-quality, effective topicals solutions are scientifically formulated and rigorously tested at the peak of industry standards, and the new line represents the latest innovation in Martha Stewart’s growing portfolio of accessible CBD offerings.”

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Price Action

Canopy Growth shares traded 1.80% higher at $7.92 per share during Wednesday’s pre-market session.

Photo: Courtesy of Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia

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