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Kuniko Limited (formerly Koppar Resources Europe Pty Ltd) is an Australian unlisted public company, incorporated on 24 May 2017 by its current parent company, Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Vulcan).

Following a strategic review by Vulcan of its assets, Vulcan decided to demerge its base metals exploration projects located in Norway.

Kuniko is focused on the development of copper, nickel and cobalt projects in Scandinavia, with a strict mandate to maintain net zero carbon footprint throughout exploration, development and production.

Focus will be on Kuniko’s 262km2 Ni-Co-Cu licence portfolio:

(a) South-west Norway tenements: Ni-Cu-Co projects in the historically important Feøy and Romsås mining districts located in south-western Norway.
(b) South-central Norway cobalt tenements: Co-Cu-Au project, part of the historically important Skuterud mining district of central-southern Norway, previously the largest cobalt mining area in the world.
(c) South-central Norway copper tenements: Undal Cu-Zn-Co project and Vangrøfta Cu-Co-Au projects located in the Trondheim region of central Norway.

It is anticipated that KNI will list on the ASX during August 2021.


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