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As KIS isn’t being discussed and as a long suffering holder, thought this would suit as my intro new thread:

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The company has secured development approvals, signed up with a large Chinese partner and is currently preparing for production once again. The SP declined with the small cap miners and seems to have been overlooked in the recent recovery. With the Chinese economy on the front foot again, apparent decreased reserves of tungsten globally, sound financials with their JV partner/customer in place, KIS may be worth a look. Does anyone have any thoughts? I’m holding at average 31.5c after buying them on the way down. The following from their website:

Its redevelopment of the original King Island Scheelite Mine is being carried out through the Dolphin Joint Venture (DJV) with joint venture partner Hunan Nonferrous Metals Corporation Limited (HNC).

This resource comprises 8,576,000mtu (contained WO3) and its proposed redevelopment involves substantially extending the original pit to create a mine with a seven year mining life and mill facility with an eleven year processing life and annual production of approximately 3,000 t of W03 in concentrate

With the necessary approvals granted and funding arrangements in place through the joint venture and loan agreements with HNC, the project team is focussed on finalising the design aspects of the mine and mill using the best sustainable practices available.

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