July 14, 2021 Crossing Wall Street

Morning News: July 14, 2021

ECB Poised to Take Next Step in Revolutionizing Euro Zone Money

China Slams ‘Sinister’ U.S. Over Hong Kong, Digital Trade Deal

China Deals Another Blow to Its Crypto Miners

China Traders to Scrutinize Maturing Mega Loan for Policy Clues

Prices Pop Again, and Fed and White House Seek to Ease Inflation Fears

U.S. Oil Consumption Surging With Industry Firing at Full Blast

There’s No Escaping Rising Prices For So Much That We Buy

After EU Tax Win, Yellen Will Try to Sell U.S. Republicans on Global Tax Deal

Seven Months and Ticking, the Case for Keeping Powell as Fed Chair Builds

The Pandemic Forged New FIRE Followers, With a Difference

Disney’s Brand Protector and Power Behind the Power Is Stepping Down

How Germany Hopes to Get the Edge in Driverless Technology

Behind the Lordstown Debacle, the Hand of a Wall Street Dealmaker

BlackRock Profit Beats Estimates As Assets Soar to Record $9.49 Trillion

NYC Restaurant Breaks World Record With Fancy $200 French Fries

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Posted by Eddy Elfenbein on July 14th, 2021 at 7:04 am

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