Instadose Pharma Touts Having Completed Largest International Cannabis Delivery: Over 2 Metric Tons

Instadose Pharma Corp (OTCPK: INSD) reported Wednesday that it recently delivered a record-breaking shipment, 2.124 metric tons, of high-quality medical cannabis flower from Johannesburg, South Africa to Skopje, North Macedonia, destined for licenced pharmaceutical clients in the European Union

“This is a historic shipment and represents just the beginning of Instadose Pharma’s potential.  This delivery validates our business model and Instadose Pharma Corp as global leader in this industry,” Grant F. Sanders, Instadose founder and chairman stated. “This has always been my vision and I am very excited about what this delivery means and what is on the horizon.”

The Virginia-based Instadose Pharma noted that this successful delivery establishes the company as a world leader in the international supply of high quality outdoor grown medicinal cannabis and agricultural pharmaceutical ingredients.

About Instadose

Instadose specializes in top grade medicinal cannabis flower that contains high levels of THC. Its global distribution platform spans five continents to date, including Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America. Within each continent, the company is establishing operational subsidiaries and joint venture partnerships to secure access to government-issued licenses and permits in countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, North Macedonia, Portugal, India, Colombia, Mexico and Canada, each seeking to increase their level of participation within the global medicinal cannabis industry.

Price Action

Instadose Pharma’s shares closed Tuesday market session flat at $2.75 per share.

Photo: Courtesy of Diyahna Lewis on Unsplash

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