HP Announced Several New Models

HP Announced Several New Models 

Recently, HP presented a redesign of its Elitebook 805 laptops, which will include AMD’s Ryzen Pro 6000 processors. The company also announced a new Elitebook 605 series. It equipped Elitebook 605 series with more mundane processors as well as screens. 

2022’s Elitebook 805 G9 laptops come in three variations: the 835, 845, and 865. The middle number refers to G9’s screen size. For instance, the 835 has a 13.3-inch screen, while the 845 has a 14-inch screen. When it comes to specifications, the 805 G9s can be configured with similar options regardless of its screen size. But there are two asterisks: one is that the 13-inch model can only be configured with a max of 16GB of DDR5 Ram, where the 845 and 865 top out at 64GB.

We can discuss the second asterisk, which is about CPUs. HP only announced the Ryzen Pro 6000 Family on January 4. So, it could be a while before analysts and users find out which  models will be options for the different 805 G9-series Elitebooks. 

HP and its laptops 

HP also announced two other models this week: the Elitebook 645 and 655. HP does not explicitly say it, but the 605 G9-series seems to be lower-end than the 805 series. 

The Elitebook 645 and 655 use a barrel plug for power (though USB-C if you have an appropriate power brick). Customers can only get them with 14 or 15.6-inch screens, both of which are 16:9 instead of 16:10. HP equipped them with older Ryzen 5000 processors though those still are not anything to sneeze at.

The company’s press release says that the Elitebook G9 6-series will become available this month. The 805 G9 will become available in several months more precisely in April. 

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