Himo token is in the spotlight. DRAW’s ICO starts soon 

Himo token is in the spotlight. DRAW's ICO starts soon 

Himo token is in the spotlight. DRAW’s ICO starts soon 


Himo World is an interesting NFT game with its own hot HIMO token. It features deck building and match-3 gameplay. This game is super easy to play. However, unlike other casual match 3 games, it’s much harder to master. Himo World employs Free-to-Play and Create-to-Earn models. It also offers Defi players an exciting new way to gain, called Compete-to-Earn. The team believes that the latter will become the next trend in NFT gaming.

The company boasts multiple game modes, including PvP and PvE with Rogue-like, Tournament, Seasonal Ranking system, Items staking, etc. It plans to offer even more modes in the future. The heroes in the game are actually NFTs. There are three attributes that define them: Classes, Races, and Skills. According to the team, Class and Race attributes are hero-based. When unlocked, each Hero will include one empty skill slot. However, the player needs to add a skill card. Moreover, the heroes will unlock additional skill slots when opening the upper level. Most of them will max out at six slots, though. Gold and Items in the game are also NFTs.

The company plans to launch its native utility token on January 22, 2022. The sale will end on January 23, 2022. 3,125,000 HIMO tokens will be available for purchase. The token price will be $0.040000 during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $125,000 with the sale.

Himo World Token is the platform’s governance token. The company issued it on Binance Smart Chain. As such, it has already garnered lots of attention on the Defi market. HIMO is on the 35,355 watchlists, and many players are waiting for its launch. The total supply of the tokens is 500,000,000, but the team will trade only some percentage at the first stage.


How can the token holders use HIMO? 

Gamers can use these tokens for Play to Earn (P2E) and other events. They can pay fees for minting Hero NFTs and gain admission to paid Tournaments. Furthermore, users can vote for the platform’s governance. HIMO token holders will be able to earn these coins through playing games, participating in events, and key governance votes. They can also acquire the tokens by participating in in-game activities.

Kaopiz Software and Gamefox Studio are developing Himo World. Kaopiz Software is one of the leading technology companies worldwide. Founded in Vietnam, it provides software development services to many enterprises in Vietnam and Japan, as well as other countries. Moreover, the company has won multiple prominent awards, such as Vietnam’s 50 Leading IT Companies and Sao Khue Award.

Gamefox studio is also a first-class firm that makes game-in-app and interactive media for many large Vietnam and MNC enterprises.

Both companies work hard to ensure that their game will be successful. The core gameplay is a Turn-based Match-3 game. That means each player will have control of their board, and they will influence each other’s board in order to win the game. Users will also have to make a strategic decision on where to place the hero or when to make a move. According to the team, the main goal is to defeat the opponent’s summoner before they do it.


Himo token is in the spotlight. DRAW's ICO starts soon 


What about the Heroes and their skills? 

The platform offers four types of heroes, each corresponding to one of the following gem colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. The player will be able to choose only one hero of each color to bring to the battle. For instance, they can’t have two red heroes on the same team. Moreover, each hero will have different skills; the amount varies from 1 to 6 skill slots. The player can use its hero’s skills in the battle (the variety of the skill depends on the slot the hero gets equipped).

There are different races in the game. However, each race will have some classes which will affect heroes based on stats. Every time the player moves on to the next level, their hero’s power increases. They can also upgrade Heroes by Gold. Once the hero acquires the skill, it will retain it permanently unless the gamer uses the $HIM token to revoke it. Hero cards are NFT, and users can trade them.

As we have mentioned, each hero can equip up to six skills. The game provides six slots, each containing a different trigger of the skills. While the different slots could pertain to different skills, some special ones can only be used in a specific slot. When heroes level up, the player will be able to unlock Skill slots. But when the gamer sets a skill to the Skill slot, they have to use a Skill Card on it. The latter is not a 100% guarantee that the player will receive the skill they want. They can use $HIM tokens to increase the chance to get higher-tier skills, though. Skill cards are also NFT. Users can trade them in the marketplace.


The Dragon War is also starting its ICO sale soon

Dragon War is a relatively new turn-based strategy game. Its characters are, in reality, unique NFTs created on the blockchain system. These tokens will give players much better ownership rights. Users will truly own them at their wallet address. Furthermore, these specific NFT characters are very distinguished, with different attributes, appearances, and characteristics. They are completely on-chain, and scammers can’t tamper with them.

The team plans to build the NFT dragons and mint them. They should consist of many different unique body parts. In addition, all dragon’s body parts will have their own strengths and weaknesses. That means they can make every battle a different experience. Strategy is key in this game. Thus, players want to pay attention to synergies between characters, power cards, dragon line-up, and items also.

According to the team, synergies are a critical part of users’ strategy. Their own elemental dragon will consist of 4 characteristic attributes: Earth, Fire, Water, and Thunder. As a result, the incompatible mechanics in the game are Fire > Earth > Thunder > Water > Fire.

The company announced that it would launch its native utility token DRAW on January 25, 2022. The sale will end on January 26, 2022. 9,500,000 DRAW will be available during the initial coin offering for the price of $0.010000.


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