GM recalls Chevy Bolt for second time due to fire risk

General Motors Co.
is recalling its all-electric Chevrolet Bolt for a second time because of a potential battery defect that can cause a fire.

GM said Friday that its investigation into recent battery fires involving the cars found that manufacturing defects in a certain battery cell were the root cause. It is asking owners of 2017-2019 model year Bolts to keep their electric-vehicle charges at a certain level and to park the cars outside after charging them.

Under the previous recall, initiated in November, owners of 69,000 Bolts were advised to get a software update that would monitor the condition of the lithium-ion battery and flag any potential problems. Customers began receiving those software updates in the spring, a GM spokesman said.

GM has since learned that at least one battery fire occurred in a vehicle that had received the software update, the spokesman said. The company is aware of eight fires total and two related injuries but no deaths, he said.

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