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Resource upgrade of inferred Resource of 338Mt at 0.031% U3O8 inclusive of 90Mt at 1.09% REO and 79Mt at 1.69% NaF (150ppm U3O8 cutoff). REO and NaF resource size currently constrained by incomplete chemical assays only.

Which equates to 229 million pounds of U3O8, 988,000 tonnes of rare earth oxides and 1.3 million tonnes of NaF.

Uranium at market price of $65 a pound and Rare earth at $21 a kg and Naf at $1000tonne. It’s a multi billion dollar world class resource.

One thing to keep in mind though is uranium mining is currently banned from Greenland.

But doing a comparison of GGG and Lynas corporation (LYC) another rare earth company. LYC resource currently stands at 12.2 million tonnes at 9.7% REO, giving a new resource of 1.18 million tonnes of REO.

And LYC currently Market Cap is well over a 800 million, whereas GGG Market cap is only a lil over 100 million. Making GGG a fairly undervalue company.

As with everything do your own research


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