Germany to change the immigration policy to attract workers

Germany to change the immigration policy to attract workers

Germany is trying to attract skilled workers worldwide to help boost its economy.

It gives skilled workers who live in other countries the chance to work in Germany for a specific period. At the same time, the government offers financial incentives to companies willing to hire skilled workers from other countries temporarily.

There are various benefits skilled workers receive in Germany. It includes working anywhere in the country and access to social security once they become permanent residents.

Germany’s new coalition government wants to attract 400,000 qualified workers from abroad each year. It aims to tackle a demographic imbalance and labor shortages in critical sectors.

The reason why Germany is trying to attract workers

The leader of the FDP told the Bundestag that the shortage of skilled workers has become severe that it is slowing down the economy. Christian Duerr responded to a question by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on the shortage of skilled workers in the construction, IT, and nursing sectors. Duerr said that many companies have complained for years about a lack of skilled workers. Besides, some also complained that they couldn’t find enough skilled workers for their open positions. He added that there are incredibly many shortages in the IT sector, where IT-related jobs have been growing by seven to 10 percent annually.

He said that the country needs a modern immigration system focused on the needs of today’s economy. It should welcome the best and the brightest from around the world, protecting the interests of working families. Duerr said they need to reform our immigration system to work better for people than against them. In their coalition, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats, Duerr’s libertarian FDP, and the environmentalist Greens agreed. They have made a deal on measures like a points system for specialists from countries outside the European Union. They plan to lift the national minimum wage to 12 euros ($13.60) per hour to make working in Germany more attractive.

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