Dow drops more than 700 points as spread of delta variant rattles global investors


Stocks trade sharply lower Monday, with concerns about the global spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 getting much of the blame as investors prepared for another big week of corporate earnings. See full story.

Worried about inflation? Here’s how investments did in the 1970s

The risks for investors in and near retirement See full story.

U.K. drops COVID restrictions against advice of experts, and delta variant drives cases higher across the U.S.

The global tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 climbed above 190.5 million on Monday, as the U.K., against the advice of hundreds of scientists and health experts, fully reopened its economy in a move it has dubbed “Freedom Day.” See full story.

Tesla unveils $199-a-month Full Self-Driving subscription plan — but there’s a catch

Tesla Inc. has unveiled a $199-a-month subscription plan for its Full Self-Driving package, rather than a $10,000 up-front fee, but it could come with an added cost for some drivers. See full story.

I lost everything, but started over and bought a home. My boyfriend wants to pay off my mortgage, so I can move to a nicer neighborhood

‘He doesn’t like where my duplex is located, and he is pushing me to sell it.’
See full story.


‘My mother-in-law wanted to buy land next to her sister so they could help each other as they all get older. ‘ See full story.

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