Dow books 725-point loss, worst day since October, as spread of delta variant and global tensions rattle investors


U.S. stocks close sharply lower, joining a global equity selloff, as concerns grow about the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and as tensions ratcheted up between the U.S. and China. See full story.

IBM stock gains after earnings show second consecutive quarter of sales growth

International Business Machines Corp. reported revenue growth for a second consecutive quarter Monday afternoon, beating expectations and sending shares higher in extended trading. See full story.

As delta variant spreads, younger Americans say fear of side effects is keeping them from getting vaccinated

Some infectious disease experts attribute the recent rise in case counts to the delta variant. See full story.

Worried about inflation? Here’s how investments did in the 1970s

The risks for investors in and near retirement See full story.

Delta poses new threat to U.S. economy and Fed timetable on ending easy-money strategy

Even as the economy charged ahead and inflation soared, the Federal Reserve and a band of savvy Wall Street investors have been acting this summer as if the recovery was still very frail. A chief reason it appears? The mutating coronavirus. See full story.


As the delta variant spreads, the AAP mask guidelines contradicts the CDC’s recent recommendations for vaccinated individuals See full story.

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