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All Investors Need To Read This!! DatChat, Inc. $DATS
I am encouraging you to Understand, that this does that mean I have recommended Stocks, Coins and Bonds YOU should be investing in?

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Here is an Opportunity I found that is profitable $DATS is the stock Symbol – The Company is DatChat, Inc. and is a communication software company. The Company’s product, DatChat Messenger and Private Social Network (Application), is a mobile application that gives users the ability to communicate with privacy and protection.

There is a 52-Week high of $18.50, average 10-Day Volume is16.2 Million with ONLY 19.6 Million shares Outstanding!! You want to make an inexpensive investment with Great Return Potential? Buy The Dip Right Now $DATS…

The Application allows users to exercise control over their messages, even after they are sent. The Application also enables users to hide secret and encrypted messages behind a cover, which messages can only be unlocked by the recipient and which are automatically destroyed after a fixed number of views or fixed amount of time. Users can decide how long their messages last on the recipient’s device.

The Application also includes a screen shot protection system, which makes it virtually impossible for the recipient to screenshot a message or picture before it gets destroyed. In addition, the Company is developing a blockchain-based, decentralized communications platform that is designed to allow consumers and businesses to connect directly with each other.

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