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Been watching this one (appears to be back door entry some time back) for a while as it is into mobile apps which I think are a gold mine.. Seems to be taking off today (not sure why as their is no news out).. One of the main share holders is Anthony Cannavo who appears to be the Aussie Guy who owns girls gone wild and is in some trouble in LA for possible hitting a girl with his Bentley..

From what I have read the company specialising in making apps for stars, ie the signed Reynaldo the soccer player, make an app game for him and then it goes live on the smart phone websites and they share profits (% etc unknown at this stage)..

I think there is a lot of money in this sector but it will depend on how to capture it and do it right.. If they get it right there is always potential for a take over by someone big like google etc too I guess..

Some recent links..…-Medic-Vision-shares-via-n-3S4BZ?OpenDocument

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