Complimentary, CoinCommand Weekly Watchlist January, 10th, 2022

What’s up everyone, 

Today I want to share with you my weekly watchlist of digital assets that are looking mighty attractive. Even with the recent drawdowns of bitcoin.

Keep in mind that bitcoin is the market indicator. If it moves up, usually the majority of the market follows. The same can be said for the downside and even that sideways chop! Or as I call it the scalpers’ paradise.  

These assets have tremendous amounts of growth on their ecosystems, or in quite the bullish posture, or they’re simply undervalued. With constant higher highs, and higher lows, or heavy accumulation patterns.

I’ve also thrown in a few early access projects I keep on my radar so that I can get the first-mover advantage on these!


Last week Bitcoin finally fell to our targets of $42,500 and bounced just below at $42,394 signaling more downside was ahead. Since the support couldn’t hold and we are now in directional limbo. With volatility as likely to move us up as down, I think next week will trend in the 40,000 to 42,5000 range. A scalpers paradise.

While Bitcoin continues its consolidation, here are several assets I want to pay attention to.

Category 1

  • Terra $LUNA –
    •  With the continued growth of their network, connection to Cosmos, and setting of high lows I believe $LUNA is set to break previous high and enter price discovery.


  • Avalanche $AVAX –
    • As a top-tier layer 1 Avalanche is looking very promising considering the amount of innovation taking place in its ecosystem. It recently set a higher low and entries below $100 are appealing to me. I believe its next run will set a large support holding it above three digits in the future.

  • Trader Joe $JOE –
    • $JOE is one of the primary DEX’s on Avalanche and is currently at its lowest point in months. While this has implied risk to further down, a break of the downtrend will be very exciting.  

Category 2

  • GalaGaming $GALA
    • Being a newer released asset there has not been long testing of its asset value and community solidarity. With its recent price fall, I believe we have gotten some of our first real tests. Currently around $0.33 which I believe is the bottom, if we avoid a larger market wide drawn down.

Upcoming Releases (That sick Alpha)

  • WaterFallFinance DeFi
    • Would simply just look to flip the initial movement
  • IndexDao 
    • IndexDao claims to provide the ability to invest in various DAO’s staking. I would merely scalp this, maybe hold a “just in case bag”.

I will cover each asset on our Monday stream. These videos will be available to you at any time.


Jake McCarthy

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