$BWVI RM with Psycheceutical coming! Easy DD here strong upside : pennystocks

BWVI RM with Psycheceutical coming, upside is significant . Definitive could drop any day, days to weeks not months.

10-7 NV Biz Reg updated: esos.nv.gov/EntitySearch/On…

Search on ‘BLUE WATER VENTURES INTERNATIONAL, INC.’ To see the directors updated

11-3 LOI IN: otcmarkets.com/stock/BWVI/n…

11-4 COC IN: otcmarkets.com/otcapi/compa…

SS: otcmarkets.com/stock/BWVI/s…

O/S low: 70,844,180

Float lower: 24,163,541

The interim management, this is all they do: facilitate RM’s. They are successful at it.

Incoming company: psycheceutical.com/

Drug delivery system, holds patents. Hot space, major experienced players in industry. No rookies. NQ bound company looking too quickly and efficiently go public, but do not expect them to stay in the OTC in the long.

Attached comparison chart. Last column is PPS if BWVI receives a market eval similar to others in the industry. They have a lower OS and float in general. Upside potential looks great! (Values from a few days ago) Do your DD folks and verify everything!

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