Bridgewater founder Dalio prefers China investments over US

Some forthright views from Dalio, in summary:

  • printing of money and buying of debt assets has driven interest rates so low that cash and bonds are stupid to own,
  • “There is great internal conflict going on in the United States now, which makes it a risky place,” he wrote. “For example, it is entirely possible that neither side will accept losing the 2024 election.”
  • “I think one should consider minimizing one’s ownership of cash and bonds in dollars, euros, and yen (and/or borrow in these) and putting funds into a highly diversified portfolio of assets, including stocks and inflation-hedge assets, especially in countries with healthy finances and well-educated and civil populations that have internal order.”

Dalio’s positive views on China are well known, but still … wow.

Here is the link for plenty more.

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