Bitcoin price discussion and analysis

Of course OTC always makes you feel like the incentives are skewed.

But gong on an exchange will give it credibility.

To make a profit almost atm put at 11000 is about .1918 bit coin or 19.18 %

and that is for 117 days. That means you need a 19.8% fall just to break even.

If you take a long term option -You better hope it implodes that year

OTM is better but is still has to fall a fair amount.…-become-available-in-fall-after-cftc-approval…top-here-s-how-you-can-short-the-digital-coin

IDK at least with a put option you can sleep at night.

Say you have 30% margin and it goes up 200% overnight what is there to stop that. Or the other way it goes down 90% with only 30% margin and you are long.

Then the dominoes go bang…

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