BFG – Bell Financial Group

Bell Financial Group is the mob behind the discount online broker Belldirect, BFG have a 36% interest in Third Party Platform P/L who actually own and operate

Bell Financial Group has a full-service private client stockbroking arm called Bell Potter security’s, they also provide the full range of financial advise and services like estate planning, foreign currency exchange and hedging, super and derivatives, commodity trading for corporation’s and individuals.

They even have a wholesale broking firm Southern Cross Equities and operate a in-house margin lending service…They have a staff of over 600 and run 14 offices Australia wide.

  • 125000 active clients
  • Funds under advise 13 Billion
  • Total annual revenue over 150 million
  • Market cap 193 million
  • Cash and equivalents 108 Million
  • Gross dividend yield over 10% (cant last can it :dunno:)

BFG Floated in 2007 at $2 a share, on Thursday they traded as low as 79 cents per share…a 12 month low :mad: funny how someone else’s misfortune can coincide with someone else’s good fortune/luck..the other side of the coin.

Anyway spending 20 minutes looking at the BFG business should tell anyone that ‘this is a good business’ with strong revenues and good profits, FF dividends and from this point in its price cycle…good potential for SP growth…hard to believe there’s no thread here for BFG :dunno: in my opinion they would have to be considered one of the best truly diversified financial stocks listed on the ASX.

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