Australia coronavirus – NSW state records 390 new cases of COVID-19 infection

New South Wales is the largest population state of Australia and has the country’s largest city, Sydney. Its epicentre of Australia’s current wave 

  • the recent run 239, 170, 210, 239, 207, 199, 233, 262, 291, 319, 262, 283, 356, 344, 345 and today’s new record high of 390

 more to come  

Earlier on, numbers from the neighbouring state of Victoria

  • 15 new cases reported
  • 8 were in quarantine throughout their infectious period (this is a key metric) 
  • 11 of the 15 are linked to known outbreak cases, the other 4 still under investigation (the ‘other 4’ is also a key metric and will be a source of concern for health authorities in Victoria – it’ll need to see a series of near zero’s before the lockdown is lifted)
  • The capital city of Victoria, Melbourne (Australia”s second-largest city), is in lockdown, the lockdown was extended to next Thursday (at least).


  • 7 new cases
  • All were in home quarantine and linked to existing outbreak 

Australian Capital Territory (home of the country’s capital city Canberra)

  • reported its first case in more than a year yesterday and the area is now in lockdown. 

This pic from local media yesterday (Australian Financial Review) gives some indication of when lockdowns might become no longer needed. Maybe. 

New South Wales is the largest population state of Australia and has the country's largest city, Sydney. Its epicentre of Australia's current wave 

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