August 12, 2021 Crossing Wall Street

Morning News: August 12, 2021

Poland Defies U.S. and EU by Passing Contentious Media Law

Joe Biden Wants OPEC to Drill

Biden’s OPEC Plea Is Really Directed at Anxious Drivers

Consumer Prices Keep Climbing as Fed and White House Await a Cool-Down

Liquidity Is Evaporating Even Before the Fed Taper Hits Markets

One Number to Gauge Where the Economy Is Headed

Fed Framework Gives Rise to Mash-Up of Views, Averaging Strategies

U.S. Employers Get Religion With Vaccine Mandates

Your $4.39 Latte From the Local Roaster Could Soon Cost More

MacKenzie Scott’s Money Bombs Are Single Handedly Reshaping America

The New Rich Are Overtaking Old Money in Korea’s Billionaire Rankings

Apple’s Hot Antitrust Autumn: Storm Clouds Are Forming from Multiple Directions

NIO Earnings Beat Estimates — and Its Stock Is Doing Something It Usually Doesn’t Do

Let’s Make A Deal: Who’s For Sale In Hollywood And For How Much?

We Need to Build Our Way Out of This Mess

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Posted by Eddy Elfenbein on August 12th, 2021 at 7:00 am

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