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Can’t find anything about this crowd on ASF so will crank out a new one…

Discovered Altium (ASX: ALU) yesterday in my endless search for better than average returns without too much volatility.

Altium is a Sydney software company that creates software for a wide range of applications ranging from car dashboards and washing machines to medical devices and space satellites. Their client list is a who’s who of international bluechips (BMW, Boeing, Bosch, HP, IBM, Canon, Nokia, Sony, Philips etc.)

After a long period focused heavily on R&D they have recently bolstered their Sales & Marketing departments with some new hitters to start chasing new business in addition to growing existing.

EPS expected to increase 194% for FY08 (from 1.2-3.6) and a further 61% for FY09 (3.6-5.8) and overall outperforming their sector for at least the next 3yrs.

The analyst report I read says the underlying intellectual capital is significantly higher than the current share price (89c) reflects and if they hit their FY08 targets then $1.50 is a better representation.

There’s a load of reports and other info on their website for anyone interested…

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