Acdom is launching the DOM token today. What about FTL?

Acdom is launching the DOM token today. What about FTL?


Ancient Kingdom (Acdom) is an exciting NFT Metaverse that enables users to play with their own warriors. They will also be able to use unique digital items (NFTs) within their respective ecosystems. The team designed this game as a unique mix of survival RPG, battle royale, and turn-based Strategy games where players become one of the myth warriors and battle each other. The winner will become the hero who will save the ancient kingdom. The project also has its own token DOM, which is already popular.

According to the Acdom gaming model, the platform users will get financial rewards for their time and effort within the game. The ancient warrior characters are in an ongoing struggle for resources and territorial conquest, as well as political domination in the ancient kingdom.

The company is building its play-to-earn model on the BSC blockchain. It chose the latter because Binance Smart Chain will significantly assist the discerning player experience. The team plans to forge strategic alliances with decentralized finance and game mechanics. They would empower users to experience a real thrill for the game. Furthermore, gamers will receive tokens that have the potential to grow by tens and even hundreds of times in value.


What makes Acdom stand out among similar platforms? 

The protocols in this NFT gaming aim to add the value proposition of blockchain technology. According to the team, Acdom is understandable and native to the gaming industry, offering P2E experiences along with in-game assets with clear provenance. However, it is essential to gauge the time and effort the users of this platform are putting in to earn the rewards on games.

The company stated that its games are an entirely new generation of games in the leisure economy. The platform pays users to play games, and the players can later multiply their income like real traders. Moreover, traders and professional gamers can easily approach those trends and technical nuances on the Acdom platform that are sometimes difficult for other users.

The team created DOM as the native utility token of the network. It is launching the ICO sale today. It will trade 8,333,333.3 DOM for the price of $0.012000 per token during the initial coin offering. That is only 0.416% of the total supply. Acdom aims to raise $100,000 with the sale, and it will accept BUSD in exchange for DOM tokens.

Acdom is starting DOM token’s ICO today. What about FTL?

Fantomlive is starting its hot ICO tomorrow

Fantomlive is the first Web 3.0 Livestream-Metaverse and Launchpad Protocol worldwide. Its ecosystem is quite diversified. It includes Decentralized Livestream; See To Earn; Live-Crypto – Live Launchpad – Live Airdrop – Live AMA – LiveList; Meeting Idol; Livestream Metaverse; Create Claim Airdrop; Streamer NFT Market; Launchpad Protocol; Lock Token & LP; Mint Token; and Defi.

The company will launch its native utility token on January 12, 2022. The sale will end on January 20, 2022, though. 13,700,000 FTL tokens will be available for purchase, which is 1.2% of the total supply. The initial coin offering price is $0.007290, and investors can buy the tokens on the Daostarter platform. The fundraising goal is $100,000, and Fantomlive will accept USDT in exchange for FTL.

According to Crypto Mining Formality, the platform uses Smart Contract to share the revenue to users when experiencing Livestream. Moreover, each user who interacts with their idols within a certain period will receive FTL Tokens. The team distributes these bonuses to share the revenue of the Livestream platform.

Creators will be able to earn money freely. They won’t need to depend on central financial intermediaries such as brokers and developers, avoiding being under their thumbs.

The team aims to create a traditional Livestream platform combined with smart contracts on Blockchain. Customers will be able to use FTLS tokens to experience these services. FTL will function as both a utility and governance token. Thus, its holders will have the right to participate in content management and vote on decisions related to the operation.


How does this platform work?

The company offers various features to its users. Project owners will be able to KYC directly on Fanstream and introduce the project to the community. They will also start the IDO campaign. Live – Airdrop function will allow customers to build and bring their community through the Airdrop campaign quickly. On the other hand, the Live – AMA feature will ensure that the owner of the project will be able to directly answer the questions from the community, building truth and value for their project.

There is also a Live – List. It tracks the winners watching Live LaunchPad. As a result, they will receive tickets to participate in buying IDO or Claim Airdrop tickets. The company also created its own NFT Market on Livestream. The latter is a trading platform, and it enables users to purchase and sell NFT’s products, increasing the exclusivity of possession demand for NFTs.

However, the platform demands an NFT transaction fee, about 7% of the selling price. According to the team, it’s much lower than on the other platforms. And the company won’t charge NFTs listing fees and service fees to the users.

The most exciting thing is likely Fanstream offers to enable its users to benefit from the finished sale many times instead of one. If the sale is successful, its creator will enjoy royalty payment. They will even get an extra 1% commission for all transactions related to their work on Fantom NFT Market.

FTL token is already listed on 6,138 watchlists, and its popularity is growing. Like the DOM token, this coin has strong potential, and its value may increase significantly in the future.


What about the Tiara’s ICO?

Tiara is a relatively new NFT ecosystem created on BSC. It offers ease of access to its lucrative Marketplace. The team uses the Binance blockchain technology and excellent Tiara VR potentials to provide outstanding service. This platform accelerates the adoption of VR technology, aiming to develop the virtual world and nurture the digital transformation in business.

Tiara is launching its native token TTI on January 12, 2022. It will trade 5,000,000 TTI for the price of $0.080000 during the initial coin offering. That is 3.125% of the total supply. The fundraising goal is $400,000, and the company will accept BUSD in exchange for TTI.

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